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Who is Hourasa?

Hourasa is an Iranian dancer based in Toronto-Canada.

She learnt Iranian dance (also known as Persian dance) in her home town when she was 10 under supervision of Susan Shariati the master of Iranian dance before the Islamic revolution. Hourasa started teaching Iranian dance in her country at the age of 18.

After her immigration to Canada, she focused on teaching Iranian dance. Becoming familiar with different styles of dance and teaching in other countries, helped her to create a new method and discipline in teaching Iranian dance (Persian Dance) which is unique among Iranian dance classes.She always uses traditional music in her classes to make students familiar with Iranian music and its impact on Iranian dance.


On 2017, Hourasa started teaching two types of dance in Toronto-Canada:1-Iranian dance in Hourasa style 2-Whirling Dervish (also known as Sufi Dance or Sema) and Mystical dance. She has "Jano Tan" workshops which means soul and body. In these workshops she focused on whirling dervish dance and Mevlana's "Rumi" poems and has created a type of dance-meditation. These classes are in three languages: Farsi, English and Spanish for different nations.

 Now she has online and in person classes for students all over the world.

هورآسا مدرس و رقصنده رقصهای کلاسیک ایرانی و سماع در شهر تورنتو-کاناداست. هورآسا رقص ایرانی را از کودکی در ایران نزد اساتیدی فرا گرفت که پیش از انقلاب جزو اجراگران و رقصندگان معروفی بوده است. هورآسا از هجده سالگی آموزش رقص به کودکان را تحت نظر مربی خود آغاز کرد و سپس در ایران کارگاههای رقص خود را دایر کرد. پس از مهاجرت به کانادا  و شرکت در کلاس رقصهای متنوع، تصمیم به آموزش رقص ایرانی در  کانادا را گرفت و در سال 2017 شروع به فعالیت در این زمینه رقص را کرد  

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